Five things we've learned since we started Guided Photography Tours


As we have been working on our schedule for the first half of 2018 (which is coming very soon), A few things have become clear. Here is what Ashleigh and Chris have learned from Guided Photography Tours is 2018.

1. People really want to take better photos

At every class we've taught so far, we've had people wanting to share their photography with us. At the same time, many of these people feel the need to apologize. "I'm not a very good photographer, but I like this one," etc. This has confirmed for us that our purpose is a right one. We will help people level up their photography, all while taking them to interesting and beautiful locations.

2. Explaining photography can be difficult, but there are ways to break through

Let's just say that the first time we had to explain the "exposure triangle," it was a little awkward, and there were some glazed over looks. The technical side of any art or craft is by nature difficult in the beginning. That said, in running six classes in three months, we are more equipped than ever to teach in an accessible way. We have proved our concept, so to speak, and we know that we will add value whenever we teach.

3. We have an outstanding, supportive community

When we decided to start Guided Photography Tours, we were concerned if anyone would even care about this. So many of you have shown us that there is a need and a desire for this kind of business. The Howell Carnegie Library in particular has been amazingly supportive in taking a chance on us. We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and with the Howell Carnegie Library, as well as building more relationships in the future.

4. You are ambitious and want to learn

There was a thunderstorm that rolled through before and during our first "Better Smartphone Photography" course. We were worried that a class of 15 might not be too excited to go out and try to take photos in the rain. You all showed us otherwise, and the best part of that evening was the images we were able to capture with the sky after the storm had passed.

5. We must keep Guided Photography Tours going

When we made a plan to start this project, it was more or less a toss up as to whether we could continue beyond 2017. We figured we'd try it out, see if it was fun and if there was any potential in it. You all have convinced us that there is great potential in it. We are so excited to bring Guided Photography Tours into 2018.

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Christopher Mowers